Tag: Sensor

Fumes pupils inhale akin to smoking two cigarettes in a day

Project by Soila Kenya / Organisation: The Star Kenya Kenya

Adam Ondra hung with sensors. What makes him the world’s best climber?

Project by Jan Boček / Organisation: Czech Radio, Samizdat.cz Czech Republic


Project by Helena Wittlich / Organisation: Der Tagesspiegel Germany

GPS Reveals the Dark Side of Recycling Campaign

To investigate how local governments process recycled items, Taiwan Apple Daily placed GPS devices in those items to track their recycling journeys. They found out some of the items ended up in illegal dumpsite, landfill…

Lava Jota

Project by / Organisation: JOTA Brazil

LA NACION DATA (Argentina)

Project by Kuang Keng Kuek Ser / Organisation: LA NACION (Argentina) Argentina

Corruption’s Memories

Project by / Organisation: Convoca Peru

How we investigated conflicted interests in statehouses across the country

Project by / Organisation: Center for Public Integrity (Washington- DC) United States

Crowdsourced estimation and Crowdsourced lobbying of Congress vote on legal abortion in Argentina.

Project by / Organisation: Economía Feminsita / Activa El Congreso Argentina


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