Course: Cleaning data in Excel

A 1,5 hour course. Instructor: Maarten Lambrechts. ‘Anyone with a little experience in working with data knows: data often is messy. Datasets with errors, missing values, wrong formatting: before beginning an analysis or visualising data,…


Course: Mapping for journalists

A 2-hour online course. Instructor: Maarten Lambrechts. ‘The vast majority of stories published in the news have a geographical dimension: knowing and telling where something happened is part of good journalism. In a lot of…


Course: Charting tools for the newsroom

A 2,5 hour course that presents three different tools for creating charts. Instructor: Maarten Lambrechts. ‘Charts and maps have become ubiquitous in todays newsrooms. They convey stories with numbers much better than text alone does…


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