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Pakistan: Nothing basic about basic health care

[T]he complete failure of government’s health services is apparent. The data provided by the Sindh Health Department shows that collectively the posts of 343 doctors, 1,149 paramedics, and 196 midwives are lying vacant’.

The history of the NHS in charts

‘The numbers working for the NHS have boomed. There are now 1.7m people employed by the health service across the UK, making it the fifth largest employer in the world’.


How to apply to (and win) a data journalism award

You’ve worked hard all this time to put together data-driven projects, and although clicks are very rewarding, here is another one you may like: getting one of your pieces shortlisted for the annual Data Journalism Awards. In this article, we give you all the details about this competition, plus, we asked our jury members what they look for in potential winners.


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