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Is ‘Open by Default’ too high a bar?

‘There is growing recognition that opening up data in isolation is less effective than it can be if targeted at solving specific problems  —  “publish with purpose” can deliver more than “publish and they will…

Peter Judd: We live in the age of the algorithm

‘But in the media industry, which is steeped in a tradition of crafting words and images, data science and coding skills in the newsrooms are nascent, not much better than in 1983’.

Creativity in data analysis

‘I’ve often heard that there is a need for data analysts to be creative in their work. But why? Where and how exactly is that creativity exercised?’

Testing Pakistan’s Right to Information laws

‘Between October 2017 and March 2018, the team filed a total of 195 records requests to different public bodies across Pakistan and followed up insistently to gather data and information’.


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