Tag: Database

All of president Bolsonaro’s statements, fact-checked

Project by Tai Nalon / Organisation: Aos Fatos Brazil

World War Waste

Project by Huan Cheng Lin / Organisation: Apple Daily, Taiwan Branch Taiwan

London violence: How a bloody night became a deadly year

Project by Thomas Mackintosh / Organisation: BBC News United Kingdom

A Street Near You

This map allows you to explore where did some 410,000 men and women died whilst serving in the First World War. Some might happened at a street near you.

Internet Boy Band Database

‘An audio-visual history of every boy band to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 since 1980. The team started by creating a list of boy bands from various sources. They then reduced the list to…


A gentle introduction to SQL using SQLite

‘SQL or Structured Query language is the language used to communicate with relational databases. What are relational databases? Well, most of the popular database systems you may know, such as MS Access, MySQL or SQLite,…


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