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Data journalism at KRO-NCRV

Project by Jerry Vermanen / Organisation: KRO-NCRV Netherlands

All of president Bolsonaro’s statements, fact-checked

Project by Tai Nalon / Organisation: Aos Fatos Brazil

Neglected last %

Project by Ben Heubl / Organisation: Individual journalism project United Kingdom


Project by Aleszu Bajak / Organisation: Northeastern University School of Journalism United States

Pourquoi une telle différence entre les goûts du public et les palmarès des Oscars?

Project by Tom Février / Organisation: WeDoData / Slate.fr France

In history, no other president spoke as much about “ideology” as Bolsonaro

Project by Rodrigo Menegat Schuinski / Organisation: O Estado de S. Paulo Brazil


Project by Iñaki Hernández / Organisation: Europa Press Spain


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