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Yao Ming’s NBA career represented a milestone in Chinese basketball history, his early retirement interrupted the communication of basketball culture between China and the United states. 7 years later, Zhou Qi, one of the most talented Chinese basketball players coincidently joined Yao’s former club Huston Rockets, which then aroused great attention among Chinese basketball fans. Our project “ Zhou Qi’s NBA road” is a sport news which used data visualization technology to analyze Zhou Qi’s future development in NBA and made reasonable prediction of his performance in the coming NBA Summer league. Leveraging the data from NBA, we got a comprehensive overview of Qi’s athletic ability. Furthermore, taking advantage of MDS algorithm which is a means of visualizing the level of similarity of individual cases of a dataset, we managed to yield a distance matrix that shows the physiological similarity between different NBA players, thereby locating Qi’s position in NBA league and finding the potential model for Qi’s future career.

What makes this project innovative?

This project was initiated under the cooperation between State Key Lab of CAD&CG in Zhejiang University and Xinhua Net. Therefore, through cooperation, we successfully incorporated and interpreted the former scholarly researches of State Key Lab of CAD&CG in Zhejiang University into more approachable data news. We innovatively combined multidimensional scaling algorithm in our project and generated meaningful stories by assembling different dimensional data.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Published jointly with Xinhua Sports and Xinhua Xuanwen, it has been viewed more than 100 thousands times in the first 5 days since its releasing. The media, such as the Cankaoxianxi, and, forwarded it then. Countless wishes and comments were left on the webpage and Weibo.Besides, the project has made great impact in the field of data visualization. Applying the algorithm model in data processing, it has provided a new way in the visualization of sports data. Qianjiang Evening post interviewed the project team and published the background story June the 30th 2017, named <Zhou Qi’s Road to NBA, a comprehensive data storytelling by researchers from Zhenjiang University>. Then the team was invited to shared their ideas online in Dyclub. And this year, they made lectures on sports data visualization for the training program in Wuhan Institute of Physical Education, Hubei Province.

Source and methodology

Aiming at reviewing him comprehensively, we chose the data from Zhou’s average points in CBA and body tests in NBA. The game data has reflected his professional competence, while the body tests data may determine his career in the future.After the field research and discussion the basketball coaches, we came out to focus on his points on backboard and block, which were the major competence for him as a center or power forward. As for the body tests, his height, weight and armspan were the prerequisites for his role.Data references:, CBA Database, NBA Database

Technologies Used

python scikit-learn、d3、html、cssThe MDS Dimensionality Reduction Algrithms

Project members

Director: Wei Chen, Yiqun MaProducer: Wei Zhang, Qian MaEditor: Jianxu Chen, Qian MaDesigner:Long TianDeveloper: Tianyi Lao, Siwei Tan, Jianxu Chen, Pengyang Li, Shengjie Gao

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