Project description

News with visualized data. Through visualized data in GIFs, we interpreted the concept of plum rain as well as the rainfall, rainy days, temperature, power consumption and whatnot in a year and on the day of plum rain. It is newsworthy and contains a large amount of information along with a scintillating wording style. In terms of design, we use distinct, soft and bright colors, presenting the clear-cut fickle characteristic of the personified plum rain, in contrast to the gloomy days of plum rain in reality. It is impressive in that the presentation of data is clear-cut and vitalized by the GIFs.

What makes this project innovative?

Use Plum Rain Season as a news angle, to analyze the big data of the plum rain season in the past years in Zhejiang. From date, rain volume and temperature perspective, compare rain season with livelihood data in a visual way, so that readers can see the changes and differences of the Zhejiang plum rain season over the past years in the shortest time. Breakthrough visual design. Use color and creative chart to analyze the data, use personification to show the characteristics of plum rain season. Contents are quite informative and interesting.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

It is quite news worthy. The information is comprehensive and accurate, and close to daily life, thus providing authoritative information for people’s livelihood and analyzed the weather change and impacts on daily life during plum rain season. It was released on the first day of the plum rain season, with strong news angle that triggers hot discussions among readers. It also reminds readers to be well prepared for the upcoming rain season.

Source and methodology

Interviewed and collected the data of plum rain season from 浙江气候中心for the past years, including date, rain volume and temperature, to analyze. Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province provided the data about vegetable prices during plum rain season. Collect the data of companies’ use of electricity during plum rain season from State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. Analyzed the data and got the results the project needed.

Technologies Used

javascript, html, less, Adobe Illustrator,excel

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