Project description

This interactive Sankey diagram shows a timeline of the Dutch printed media landscape, where independent titles have largely disappeared since the second world war. Three publishers now own 80 percent of the titles, which raises questions about the vulnerability of the news provision. The long scroll form suits the browser behavior, in particular also on touch devices, so that it is accessible to a broad audience of newspaper readers. This unique dataset was constructed from manual research.

What makes this project innovative?

It is the first time that all the shifts and developments in the Dutch printed media landscape have been mapped out, which is only possible through a manual reconstruction of the events (i.e. these data were not publicly available yet).

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

We usually measure impact by the number of page views and the time spent on the page. Within days of publication this project received tens of thousands of page views and many positive responses on social media with people saying that it provides such a clear picture in a glance of the state of affairs in the Dutch media landscape.

Source and methodology

We constructed the dataset from reports published in the media and verified it with academic experts in the Dutch journalism field.

Technologies Used

Excel, Illustrator, plain javascript

Project members

Joris Heijkant - collected the dataThijs Balder - drew the Sankey diagram


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