Project description

This special feature uses Trump’s Twitter tweets to visualise his changes of mind regarding the US-China trade war. The feature ranks the mood of the tweets between “continue with the trade war”, “neutral tweets” and “Optimistic for a deal”. The interactive scroll-controlled feature walks you through the tweets chronologically, visualising how often and quickly Trump changes his mind. Each tweet is linked to the original Twitter announcement

What makes this project innovative?

We created a path describing the convoluted and contradictory opinions expressed by Trump about the trade war talks with China. At the same time we showed how people reacted on social media to the positive and negative moods expressed by the US president. It is clear, concise and direct – just like Twitter If we consider the number of likes on Twitter to be a metric implying which end of the spectrum is more popular with the general public we saw tweets looking for a deal were becoming increasingly popular

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The project got very good circulation, especially on Twitter. We also received positive feedback by email and Facebook for both print and digital versions

Source and methodology

Most of the data of this project comes from the official account of Donald Trump, but there are also a few official memos from the White House included The New York bureau of the SCMP scraped the data with the original intention of seeing if there was a correlation between Trump’s tweets and movements in the stock market. It soon became clear there were infinite other factors that could contribute to fluctuations in the stock market so we decided to focus on emphasising how quickly and broadly Trump changed his mind Each tweet is ranked according to the content of the statement. A score of -5 indicates he is hostile and wants to step up tariffs, while +5 shows he is optimistic and eager to cut a deal with China

Technologies Used

Software: Adobe Creative cloud: Illustrator, Photoshop Brackets IO Google spreadsheets Programming languages: Javascript JQuery HTML CSS SVG

Project members

Marco Hernandez, Owen Churchill and Darren Long



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