Project description

The Tour de France is an annual men\’s multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in France.Due to this intense nature of the sport, doping has been long associated with the race. While doping in sport usually tells the tale of the guilty, their imapct on the sport and other riders is often unspoken of. This narrative visualisation aims to unravel the scale of doping in Tour De France; its history, people involved and the impact of illegal doping in sport on global level, using a data driven approach

What makes this project innovative?

The project focussed on the impact of doping on the clean riders in the race. Usually, in doping related analysis, the impact on the guilty riders is elaborated; however the damage done to the clean riders often goes unexplained. By comparing their standings in the race and affect on the race positions, it brings front the true cost of doping to the sport in its entirety.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The project garnered a decent response on social media platforms such as twitter, bechance getting upto 6 shares on twitter and other in person referrals. Considering a student project, it was highly appreciated by design school faculties and senior data viz designers from Microsoft Research Labs, India during a data viz. exhibition

Source and methodology

The research data for the project was gathered primarily from wikipedia tables (Tour De France, Doping in Tour De France) , news tapes (BBC Documentary - Lance Armstrong) and other cycling blogs (finishing position - Cypresstrees.) Sources: Top 10 Doping Stance: Clean Rider Positions: Cycling’s Greatest Fraud: Existing Data Research:

Technologies Used

Once gathered, I cleaned &structure the dataset in excel, while doing some primary analysis for findings trends and patterns in the dataset. Initial data visualisation renders were done in tableau (doped v/s clean rider) and flourish (network diagram on doctor-team-rider ). After realising the insights, I visualised the screen layouts (considering i was designing a web version) and interactions on paper. This was further developed and designed on SketchApp and interactive prototypes were developed using Principle.

Project members

Faculty: Dr. Aneesha Sharma acted as my guide for the project.


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