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Bloomberg’s Hannah Recht built the most extensive database on Obamacare coverage in existence—tracking every insurance company in the Affordable Care Act’s marketplaces by county since 2014, forecasting what could happen as insurers quit or moved into new markets.

What makes this project innovative?

She repeatedly broke news with blog-like posts chronicling the state of the 2018 marketplaces. As companies announced their 2018 coverage plans, the copy and maps were updated, sometimes several times weekly, to report noteworthy changes in coverage.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Ultimately, Hannah's reporting showed that, despite the Trump administration's claims to the contrary, most enrollees would have the same number of insurers to choose from in 2018 as they had in 2017.

Source and methodology

To track company participation plans by county, Hannah used a variety of sources for each state, including: insurance company filings, state insurance department documents, press releases and conversations with state insurance department officials and insurance company representatives. In states that provided public online access to insurance filings, she obtained 2018 plan-year filings for every company on a regular basis to have the latest information. She also used FOI/public records requests to obtain insurance filings for several states, including Maryland, Washington and Georgia.

Technologies Used

QGISR (Tidyverse)Adobe Illustratord3.js

Project members

Hannah Recht, Zachary Tracer and Anna Edney


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