Project description

The Wall Street Journal team of journalists leverage data in all variety of reporting, whether through deeply documented investigations or in innovative visual-first storytelling. We are keenly aware of our readers’ high expectations and target opportunities to bring innovative and engaging reporting on the topics they most care about: markets, business, politics and public policy. Our members are data savvy, and the unique ways in which we cultivate data-driven stories telegraph to our readers that we are trustworthy and authoritative.

What makes this project innovative?

Our reporters and graphics teams are breaking new ground in both the way we gather data as well as how we present it. Our investigation of cryptocurrency price manipulation involved reviewing communications on chat applications, while our look at Glassdoor ratings was built on an analysis of 4.8 million reviews in consultation with statisticians. Elsewhere we are innovating in data visualizations and engagement. In our midterm election graphic on house races, visitors could watch as key races were called and drop into their respective column. And the task of guessing how much debt is burdening older Americans was made more engaging through a tactile interaction.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Average engagement time for each of these examples was above average and many had a long reach on social media. Our story on the most dangerous places to bicycle in America was widely read on Apple News as well. Our midterms “pachinko” graphic was front and center on election night and used across our coverage on every platform, from the homepage to the live coverage, with cropped and truncated versions on our mobile app, liveblog and social media accounts. (Editors in the newsroom on election night gathered as results came in and gave a round of applause when the first circle dropped!) Our review of Glassdoor ratings was cited by numerous other news outlets.

Source and methodology

We used a variety of data types, from government and other publicly available datasets to original datasets built by our reporters and visual journalists. In many cases we consulted with experts in the field.

Technologies Used

These projects cover a range of technological solutions, from code-intensive projects like the midterm results to manually produced graphics done in Adobe Illustrator, as well as more advanced statistical analysis as in the Glassdoor analysis.

Project members

WSJ staff


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