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The Vanishing Care Workers in an investigation inside the Home Enablement Care Service of Birmingham, UK. Staff are facing cuts because of austerity measures. This is their biggest challenge and an important public service is at stake.
But who is responsible? The City Council? Or something bigger? This story tells the fate of the eroding health service in England, navigating in a darker network in the administration.

What makes this project innovative?

This project is innovative because it gathers, compile and cross comprehensive datasets as nobody has done it before for this topic. Striking data visualisations show perfectly how the public health service is in trouble and how politicians, facing a huge economic challenge too, struggle to stick to their commitments. Multimedia storytelling and data-driven interviews have allowed to hold authorities to account and picture in details the health service landscape.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The story was well received among the workforce with who I have kept contact. Unfortunately the authorities haven't comunicated about it. All along the investigating process and when in the field for interviews and filming, I have shared images and comments on Instagram and Twitter. The goal was to interact with the public via comments or DM and so asking people what the want to know. Ultimately the goal is to lead the story towards people's information needs.

Source and methodology

Along with interviews among multiple sides (authorities, unions, workers, ...) to have the most comprehensive and the most objective story to tell, multiple datasets have been parsed from both official sources and private monitoring firms. All datasets have been scrupulously double-checked with local sources and in-the-field investigation. Both Excel and R have been used to parse, analyse and verify the data. Moreover, the data and the parsing process are saved and available on demand, so it makes this project verifiable and transparent.

Technologies Used

Several technologies have been used. It's a comprehensive project that applied a wide range of skills. -Analysing data with Excel and R. -Visualisations with Tableau Software. -Researching information and datasets thanks to multiple Google tools. -Filming with DSLR camera -Video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro -Photo editing with Adobe Lightroom -Sound Editing in professional radio studio along with Audacity -Birmingham Eastside is a WordPress-based website -The original story is published independently with more interactive items ( -HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript for building a webpage with parallaxe and wide-screen pictures

Project members

Hugo Barbieux


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