Project description

This project is part of a “Made in China 2025” series published by the SCMP Graphics team in 2018. The idea was to show some of the problems electric vehicle production faces in China – the world’s largest EV market. We looked at the raw materials and minerals needed to build the batteries as well as the current number of charging stations around the country to build a picture of how ambitious the “Made in China 2025” EV production plans are

What makes this project innovative?

The series of maps shown in this feature are innovative even though they are based on open data sources like OSM. The maps are an eloquent way to show the current limitations of using EVs and how hard it will be to provide enough charging stations in a country the size of China.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

This article provides a public service using impartial analysis of transportation technology that the region has high hopes for.

Source and methodology

This project uses diverse data sources including US Tesla company reports, USGS and OSM data for tags info and maps creation, Statista and MIT OEC Economic Observatory for minerals production data, the Chinese Association of Automobile Manufacturers to get sales data of vehicles, the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, BYD reports to confirm the BYD-6 vehicle capabilities, some other articles from Reuters, EV Stanford Social Review and Ricardo PLC reports were also taken into consideration for the story redaction. The story is driven by the maps which were created with QGIS and edited with Adobe Illustrator

Technologies Used

Software: Adobe Creative cloud: illustrator, Photoshop Brackets IO QGIS Programming languages: Javascript JQuery HTML CSS SVG

Project members

Marco Hernandez and Darren Long



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