Project description

The silenced, is a data visualization about femicides in Costa Rica. It visually documents the murder of 318 women, assassinated by their partners, between 2007 and 2018. It was published on March 8th 2017, the international women’s day, to create awareness about women violence.

What makes this project innovative?

This is a graphic story that explains the reader using graphs the femicides in Costa Rica. It first shows the crimes by year, and then it shows the distributions by region and district.
It later details the link between the victim and her murderer, and how many of the man responsible for these crimes were convicted by year.
The last piece of the story shows in a different color, the victims that were underage, a detail that aims to move the reader and create awareness of the issue.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The project had 8.852 views. It has been used and recirculated in recent publications about violence against women.

Source and methodology

We used data from the Judiciary Investigation Office (OIJ) and the Gender Violence Observatory. We interviewed experts in gender violence from the Judiciary and the University of Costa Rica and examined publications on the topic.

Technologies Used

Tableau, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Jquery and JSON.

Project members

Data analysis, visualization and storytelling: Hassel Fallas; Web developer: Bryan Gutiérrez.


Project owner administration

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