Project description

This project investigates the plight of citizens seeking justice in Balochistan where a number of people are wrongly convicted and they imprisoned for years because their cases simply remain pending. A key reason is there are simply not enough judges to go around and not enough public prosecutors to fight cases. In a justice system with a huge bottleneck created by staff shortages, one of the biggest administrative errors is to allow the police to flood the system with cases that could be easily resolved out of the court. On the other hand, security for justice providers is a major issue. In 2016, over 55 lawyers were killed in a suicide bomb attack proving Balochistan as one of the most dangerous places for justice providers. This project researched over the issue of absence of rule of law, staff shortages in justice system, increasing number of pending cases and security hurdles of justice providers in Balochistan.

What makes this project innovative?

It connected different aspects of the issue for instance; pending cases and staff shortages and increasing insecurity in Balochistan for justice providers. There has never been a researched data-driven article about justice system of Balochistan before this project.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

An attempt to provide security to the courts throughout the province has been made. In response to the challenges the justice system is facing in terms of staff shortages, the government has announced more positions for public prosecutors so that pending cases can get the opportunity to undergo trial.

Source and methodology

Data and information have been taken from; Government of Balochistan budget data for prosecution department, Supreme Court's Quetta Inquiry Report, 2017 Human Rights Report, South Asian Terrorist Portal, Balochistan Police official site, and Balochistan High Court official site.

Technologies Used

Excel has been used for most of the calculations and Tableau public and piktochart have been used for visualization.


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