Project description

There are ten reports, not all of which I wrote myself, and there are two editorials, which I send the link in this work portfolio. All shows, data becomes a trigger writing jurnalistic reports. Data presented not only in graphical display, but narrated. Almost all of these reports, both related to human development, allegations of corruption in the supreme court, language, mining, food and poverty, youth and education, and freedom of the press in Indonesia use narrated data. Data not only strengthens a reports, but also revives this report narratively. This is my portfolio.

What makes this project innovative?

Data that is a collection of numbers is often not easy to combine with words, so it becomes a flowing report. The series of reports included in this project illustrates, numbers that are appropriately integrated with words, not only strengthen reports, but also turn on journalistic reports from the field. The narrated data also strengthens the analysis in the editorial.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

By integrating data, both from the Central Statistics Agency, data that R&D Kompas has, and data from the field in journalistic reports, this report feels more alive. The reader does not need to be wrinkled to interpret the data presented in the form of tables or displays that are difficult to interpret. The reader has also been selected with data in accordance journalistic reports. A clear measure of the success of this project, is that a number of readers contacted the newsroom and said that journalistic reports were more alive and rich in easily digestible data.

Source and methodology

The data in this report are obtained from official government agencies, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Research and Development (R & D) Kompas, books, history books, websites, and findings in the field. In addition to reviewing and processing data, interviews and literature studies are effective ways to obtain the data presented in these various reports.

Technologies Used

In realizing this report, I use simple word and data processing technology. For report writing in Kompas daily, we use GN4 and are combined with Word Procesor (WP) for The graphics and images that complement this report are done by the Kompas graphic and daily visual team.

Project members

In this project, I was assisted by:

1. Sugihandari

2. Nina Susilo

3. Albertus Hendriyo Widi

5. Editorial Team of Kompas Daily

6. R&D of Kompas Daily

7. Graphic and Design Team of Kompas Daily



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