Project description

A public participation project, in which the boundaries of the political debate were discussed. Hoping to define a respectable “clean” political discourse and formulate a treaty reflecting the public’s expectations of what constitutes a legitimate discourse based on political ideology or clear up when there is a misuse of a public position.

The project was made up of an ice-cream truck, driving around Israel periphery, inviting the public to participate in 4 interactive games asking question about the dilemmas in a political discourse. Ones the participant answered the question each one got a popsicle. The data was then used to formulate the treaty for a “clean” political discourse and handed out for Same Candidates and elected officials to sign.

Games translation:
01: In what case is it ok to use “bad” language during an argument? Throw a ball
Magenta – No problem its just talk
Orange – When the argument is getting heated
White- Only when I am offended
Blue – Never

02: What does a politician using “bad” language make you feel? Spin a cube
Magenta – Wanting to do something about it
Orange – Terrible but there is nothing to do
Blue – I find it convincing

03: When can a leader be dishonest? Insert a disk
Magenta – When important goals need to be reached, everything is allowed
Orange – One can’t succeed without being dishonest
White- There is no choice when everyone else is dishonest
Blue – Never, leaders must always be honest

04: Can we “clean” the political discourse?
Yes / No
Vote with your popsicle stick

What makes this project innovative?

We took the data visualisation and data collecting process to the street, to the people!

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

we have managed to get hundreds of people to sign the the “clean” political discourse treaty, in order to formulate a treaty that was later signed by a great number of public electives

Source and methodology

we worked together with the field activist in the periphery of Israel to try and work out a family oriented game that will manage to collect data as well as make the players ask questions

Technologies Used

illustration for graphic layer and hand made spatial elements

Project members

This project was commissioned by “Darkenu - a non-party political movement calling out for Social and economic justice, equal opportunities and The eradication of corruption and racism in Israeli society.



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