Project description

Some say the Buran might have been able to recover the Mir Shace Station piece by piece. The Buran was not a Soviet shuttle, though it was frequently referred to as such. It was never on display in Gorky Park, contrary to a widesprea rumor. On November 15, 1988, It completed its first and only flight.

What makes this project innovative?

This special project is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the first and only flight of the spaceship "Buran". The "analysis of the flight" goes into detail about the most difficult stages of the Soviet rocket plane’s mission, including the landing, which for the first time in history was fully automatic. Each of the project’s four chapters contains interactive inserts: a comparison of the Soviet system "Energy — Buran" with the American Space Shuttle system, a step-by-step layout of the spacecraft’s take-off and landing, as well as complete information about the surviving flight specimens and full-size models. One of the most complex visualizations of the project is a detailed 3D model of the Buran.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

235,522 pageviews

The project was presented at the Museum of Cosmonautics in November 2018 at a meeting dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the launch of Soviet Space Shuttle. Today the project is part of the exposition of the museum in Moscow.

TASS' Interactive special project ""The Buran: The Soviet Space Shuttle Success Story"" received an award for Best of Digital Design Competition, SND (National, Bronze medal).

Source and methodology

Work with archives (maps, archival publications in the media, scientific papers of researchers), 3D-modeling (based on the preserved photos and video), NASA and Roscosmos open source research, сommunication with experts. We also visited (if it possible) places in Moscow, where today we could see the surviving flight or mock-ups and test samples of shuttle.

Technologies Used

Javascript, 3ds Max
Thinking particles,
Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator

Project members

Project team:
Authors: Kristina Nedkova, Timur Fekhretdinov
Editors: Alexander Bychkov, Sabina Vakhitova
3D-model: Alexander Volkov, Anastasia Zotova
Photo-editor: Pavel Kukolev
Video editor: Maxim Makarov
Art Director: Anton Mizinov
Translator: Andrei Starkov
Style editor: Philip Aghion



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