Project description

Over the past forty years China has seen tremendous socioeconomic transformation due to its reform and opening policy.
In practical terms, life in china today is enormous different than 40 years ago in almost every way imaginable.
This project focused on the ever-changing business environment that Chinese entrepreneurs were faced with as well as those crucial turning point of their careers to see how they survived ,struggled,flourished and decayed during the wind of change.
We targeted at those who have first-hand experienced with the era of China’s reform and opening history and interested in stories of China business history especially those memorable moment that made a difference.

What makes this project innovative?

The project is a mobile-friendly game, it gives data feedbacks simultaneously, and blends data points into stories of famous entrepreneurs. The project was also a collaboration with Wu Xiaobo Channel, who was the author of a famous series called Surging China, which is about the economic history during China's reform and open-up. The interactive project was also distributed on Wu Xiaobo Channel.
Through this project, we made audience to answer a quiz with 15 questions in 3 sections categorized by three patterns——multiple choice, number guessing and line drawing. In the meantime, we collected the result and audience behaviors when each question was answered so that we could make a simultaneous feedback through visualization to suggest the cognitive gap between participants and other audience.
In the pattern of multiple choice, we listed the critical moments of China's business history to 'trap' audience to make a choice faced with historical dilemmas. When audience made their own choice, we brought out the right answer as well as the choice of others in accordance with the proportion.
When it comes to number guessing, we found out impressive data point behind the stories then we asked audience to move a slide bar to make a guess based on their cognition and knowledge. Once they confirmed the guess, we visualized their choice and formed a heated bar consisted with guessing from other audience thus they can clearly understand the distribution of answers and the cognitive difference.
Finally, we upgraded the difficulty with line drawing. This pattern asked audience to draw a line on a canvas with coordinate system to measure the right answer based on a time series dataset. As usual, we told the audience how they were doing by drawing the correct answer with a line as well as showing the result of others on the same canvas.
Considering the effect of dissemination, we made our own algorithm to score the result corresponding to specific title and description to evaluate result of the quiz with a brief for the convenience that audience can send it on social media to compete with others.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Using quiz as a form of expression, we made the stately topic of China's reform and opening history more approachable and tactfully highlighted the crucial point for our audience in a proper and interest way.
We believe that this project reveals how news media utilizes tech-driven path to make a better interaction with their audience. It's innovative to collect results and behaviors through operation by audience meanwhile simultaneously showing them with various sorts of visualization.
On another hand, it's essential that through collected data, we can better understand how audience participate in the process of interaction that will help us to apply the findings on future interactive design.

Source and methodology

Some historical stories referred to the latest book about 40 years reform and opening history of China written by Xiaobo Wu. The standard answers of number guessing and line drawing are based on database from national bureau of statistics of China, China Internet Network Information Center and other related source. Visualizations are developed by results and behaviors through operation by audience.

Technologies Used

Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator
Programming language: html, css, javascript, php,sql

Project members

Jiaxing Kong, Yasai Wang, Yan Lu, Xiaodan Wang, Danyi Wei


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