Project description

Terrorism in Israel is a data visualization about the constant threats the state of Israel faces on a daily basis. I included some of the more memorable terrorist attacks & covert operations in the country\’s history (Operation Entebbe / Dizengoff Bus Explosion, the Nov 2018 Israel Gaza clashes) in order to paint a picture to my audience that these occurences are not atypical for life in the holy land. This data visualization is intended for anyone wanting to learn more about some of Israel\’s history and how it has overcome all of the obstacles thrown at it.

What makes this project innovative?

I think what makes my data visualization innovative is that it allows the viewer to learn more about Israel and Israel's past through the incorporation of maps, animations & interactions. Most data visualizations include static images to further deliver a message, and while I think static images are great (I include some of my own here), I think they sometimes fall short in delivering a powerful, meaningful message. Grabbing the audience's attention is key to having them not only go to your page but stay on it as well. I feel my visualization tells a story, one that hopefully resonates long after they leave my page and they would like to share with friends, family and colleagues.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The impact of my project is still pending - due in part largely that it was released just two weeks ago. Since then, according to a Facebook ad, I've had a reach of around 5.7k people and close to 500 engagements in this two week span. I believe these figures will continue to go up in the near future.

Source and methodology

For this project I primarily used data from the Global Terrorism Database ( Other sources included data from the Johnston Archive ( as well as Our World in Data ( Methodologies included refining my searches to middle eastern countries, dumping the data into excel, doing some light cleaning & manipulation, then pushing it into a jupyter notebook where I used python data analysis libraries (numpy, pandas, matlotlib, seaborn, scipy) to further my analyses. Wikipedia also served useful for information regarding the actual terrorist events themselves.

Technologies Used

The technologies I used for this project include HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, D3.js (for animation), Python (for data cleaning, manipulation & exploration including Numpy, Pandas, MatplotLib, Seaborn, Jupyter Notebooks), Bash, Sublime & Excel.

Project members

I (William Stevens) am the sole creator of this data visualization.



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