Project description

We calculated and estimated the total ad spending and the average price of a 30-second ad in the Super Bowl game from 1967 to 2018, the cost for one second of Super Bowl advertising over the last 50 years, Super Bowl’s share of broadcast network advertising and Super Bowl ad spending by decade.

What makes this project innovative?

We are the only news organization that collects all the data re: Super Bowl advertising and all the ad spending. We have been collecting the data since the first Super Bowl.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The numbers got shared hundreds of times on social media and the page got thousands of views.

Source and methodology

Estimated average unit cost for 30-second in-game commercial from Kantar Media, Nielsen and Ad Age Datacenter. Estimated total in-game ad spending (all spots airing between opening kickoff and final whistle at end of game) from Ad Age Datacenter (1967-1981, 2018) and Kantar Media (1982-2017). Inflation adjustments, from Ad Age, translate previous years' ad costs and spending into estimated current (2018) dollars. Numbers rounded.

Technologies Used

We used excel to collect and calculate the data, and used highcharts JS, HTML and CSS to build the charts.

Project members

Bradley Johnson


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