Project description

This story was about the budget of Sindh province. People usually don\’t read about budget and lack understanding of how public money is spent because of complicated ways budget is reported.

So I tried to pick one number to tell them how the taxes they pay are spent to give them a sense of how their money is used by those they elect.

Within few hours, this was the most read stories on our website with a high engagment rate (more than five minutes) and was widely shared on social media.

It easily beat the regular coverage of budget because it directly resonated with a common man. The purpose of this style of reporting is to engage young audience, between 14 and 40 years of age, in public policy stories they otehrwise don\’t read.

What makes this project innovative?

This kind of reporting on the budget day is rare, if not completely absent, in Pakistan. This is why people don't read budget related stories. We at Samaa Digital try to write such complicated economic stories in a plan and simple langauge a layman can understand and relate to. Even the graphics used were in the most basic of forms so readers could grasp it in a glance.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Within hours of publishing, the story became the most read article on our website (3500 plus hits) and remained among top five for few days.

Source and methodology

I sourced data from Sindh government's budget documents and did basic math to put all the numbers in context.

Technologies Used

We used Adope illustrator and photoshop

Project members

Farooq Baloch Aisha Ather (art work)



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