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Despite the efforts of NR3C (FIA having less resources, working efficiently and high work productivity), Pakistan still has abundant unreported cyber crimes.People especially females are unaware of what do if this happens with them.We want people to be aware.

What makes this project innovative?

One that it is created for the awareness of people, families, especially females and all other common people,Second that it also reflects the cultural patterns of our society in cases of abuse and harassment against females.Being a Data story, and the data visualizations etc. make it unique & innovative.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The impact is measured by the hits, shares on story and change in stats of this website where it is posted. Comments by people, personal mails and advancements into education sector to combat this, are used are impact factors.Secondly since nowadays stories are posted on social media, such as facebook and twitter therefore the no. of users who actually read the stories and became aware is the greatest impact.

Source and methodology

Being a data story all steps of producing a data story were followed. Some of source used for data are listed below:Internet Crime Report 2015 QUARTERLY BULLETIN 2013/ FIA Monthly Newsletter crime and internet growth in Pakistan of Electronic Crimes Bill 2016 Internet Security Report

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