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Automation and the impact of new technologies on jobs had for years focused on blue collar jobs. But Wall Street is not immune. Banks and trading firms have been testing artificial intelligence tools such as machine learning and natural language processing in a bid to automate high-paying roles and revamp processes in the high-stakes game of capital markets. Bloomberg spent months conducting interviews with senior executives and technology leaders at top banks and asset managers to develop an exclusive data base of these projects, the tasks they’re automating and the degree of automation already achieved. The data gathered allowed Bloomberg to create “Robots Are Coming for These Wall Street Jobs,” the most comprehensive assessment of automation’s impact on finance jobs. Each section of this interactive graphic gives a top-level summary of the specific technologies automating individual roles from stock traders to currency traders.

What makes this project innovative?

This data set was exclusive, compiled by Bloomberg reporters through interviews with senior executives and technology leaders at top banks and asset managers. As such it is the most comprehensive assessment of automation's impact on finance jobs. To visualize the data, we borrowed from another realm of AI—computer vision—where algorithms are trained to identify subjects in photos and videos and outline them in labelled boxes. The opacity of the boxes literally obfuscate humans in the photos — a powerful visual that matches the underlying implications of the data, while adding a sense of unease. Hover annotations give specific detail about the jobs that will remain human and the routine tasks that are—or could be—taken over by robots.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The interactive graphic provided meaningful insight into how automation was affecting 37 finance roles and acted as a wake-up call for those currently employed in them.

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Bloomberg reporting

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d3.js, Adobe Illustrator, ai2html

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Mira Rojanasakul, Saijel Kishan, Hugh Son and Blacki Migliozzi


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