Project description

With extravagant housing prices prices in Taiwan, not just buying a house is an impossible mission, renting a house is not an easy task either. Rental housing is an unmanaged industry in Taiwan, which makes finding a house a nightmare for young jobseekers.

The problem actually comes from a key reason, that is landlords are not paying any taxes. We exposed the size of the real rental housing market by using more than 500,000 records, and found taxes that the government cannot receive were more than 100 billion NT dollars every year.

We also use the data of houses to design a game that allows audience to experience the pain of renting a house in Taipei.

What makes this project innovative?

For a long time, the price and quality of rental house have not been considered as a problem that can be improved. We visualized the key information from beginning, to tell audiences that the size of actual rental market is ten times more than the market that the government is capable of managing, and this is the core reason why you cannot rent a good house.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Due to the taxes that landlords never pay, the government cannot use corresponding data to manage the rental house industry. Renting a house is only a private transaction between the landlord and the tenant. The tenant could not objectively evaluate the choice.

Although the government tried to correct the problem through the revision of laws, it still takes negative measures. We think that making people feel and aware of the problem is the first step to correct the problem. Our news project is the first time to reveal the appearance and analysis of the actual rental housing market in Taiwan.

Source and methodology

The rental house information held by the government comes from the Actual Price Registration platform of the Ministry of the Interior. It is open data, can be used directly after organized. However, since the implementation of actual price registration policy in 2012, it stipulated that there was no need to log in for self-rental activities. Therefore, the government could only grasp leasing activities such as commercial storefronts, and the remaining housing leasing was conducted underground. We have captured ten years of data on 591 Rental House Platform, the largest rental housing transaction platform in Taiwan, as a reference for studying the actual rental housing market.

Technologies Used

This news project uses JavaScript to process town GeoJSON of Taipei, and uses D3.js to visualize GeoJSON data with amount of rental market. In addition, we use Highcharts library to visualize statistical data about hot area, price increment, and so on.

Project members

Producer: Chien Hsin-chan
Journalist: Lee Yu-Ju
Photographer: Yang Tzu-Lei, Lin Chun-Yao
Design: Chen Yi-Chian
Web developing: Tan Hsueh-Yung
Data: Chien Hsin-chan, Tan Hsueh-Yung, Lee Yu-Ju


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