Project description

“Regional kings of the state order” is a story about 8 entrepreneurs from different regions of Russia, whose companies have concluded the most government orders in their region. We explain what kind of people they are and how they were able to achieve this. Many of these individuals are not public and are not known to people who live in this region. Meanwhile, they receive budget money, and these are taxes of citizens. And it would be useful for them to know how they manage this money.

What makes this project innovative?

We did not see detailed ratings of kings of state orders in the regions, which would not be just a listing of names, names and numbers. We collected stories: how companies appeared, who owned or owned them, what kind of corruption conspiracies are observed, how the company disposed of the money received from orders. All stories were built on the basis of open databases.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Readers pay more attention to the history of kings in government orders in 2 times more time than other large texts on the site. On average, reading one story took 4-6 minutes. The number of unique transitions from social networks is 1434. The number of likes in our group on social networks is 185, sherov - 32.

Source and methodology

Manually, all data on the procurement of companies in the regions were removed from the SPARK database. Sorted by amount. We were interested in companies with contracts worth 300 million rubles. Then we removed all federal and state companies from the list. The amount of government orders in the region from the remaining companies was compared with the number of orders in SPARK. If it was more than half, then leave the company on the list. Then they wrote out owners to each company and looked for any coincidences. If there is - the list was rebuilt. Further, from the TOP-10 companies, we chose one of the most interesting and wrote about her investigation on the materials “SPARK”, “Kontur.Focus”, the Arbitration Court and open interviews.

Technologies Used

All data were taken from the Spark and Kontur.Focus databases. For the layout used the service "Tilda". For drawing graphs - partly "Infographic". All illustrations were rendered by our staff.

Project members

Anna Yarovaya, Maksim Solyus, Sergey Markelov, Gleb Yarovoy, Vladimir Prokushev, Nataliya Petrova, Katerina Klepikovskaya, Alena Khlimanova, Aleksey Ukhankov, Dmitriy Lyubimov


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