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This report revealed for the first time that Balochistan is losing approximately Rs28 billion from its due share in the federal divisible pool due to manipulation of poverty figures. The poverty rate is higher in Balochistan as proved by the latest Report on Multidimensional Poverty 2016. However, while distributing collected taxes from federal divisible pool among provinces the poverty rate of Balochistan has been understated. As a result, the province is losing out on its due share by Rs. 28 billion every year.

What makes this project innovative?

Its the first time that revenue distribution formula among provinces has been analyzed and challenged with the help of data analysis.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

This issue was raised in Senate of Pakistan by Senator Mir Kabeer Muhammad Shahi.

Source and methodology

Data was used from NFC report of the government of Pakistan and Report on Multidimensional poverty 2016.

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Farah Zia, EditorMazhar Jadoon, Sub-editor


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