Project description

My project, in short, is a test for the Egyptian parliament and the opposition parties\’ parliamentarians, through their use of the monitoring tools guaranteed by the Egyptian constitution.

I decided to apply that test to the most important of these tools, which is called \”interrogations\”.

This Project came against the background of the presidential elections in 2018, when the deputy parliamentarian said that there is no rival to the current president, because the opposition party deputies do not use the legal monitoring tools, so in one day I collected the material and analyzed and then designed and come out of this result.

What makes this project innovative?

At first, I explained to the public what "interrogations" was. Then I gathered all the "interrogations" that were presented at the first and second sessions of Parliament. And then analyzed, by simple calculation, the number of seats of each party, in front of the number of interrogations provided by its parliamentary deputies. I also analyzed the sectors in which they presented the interrogations. "Health .. Education .. So" The result was amazing, thirty-three interrogations only in two years, not only that, none of them actually discussed. Only three were approved for their discussion, one of whom fell for the minister's resignation, and two have yet to discuss. The result was "zero" I went to discuss the parliamentarians in this result, and their answers were that there is a trend in the parliament not to oppose the government in any decision .. a shameful result unfortunately.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The effect was revealing to the people that the deputies who elected them were not as they should be. The project was seen thousands, and the parliament was angry, they asked my institution to remove it, but we refused. Finally, in the third session of parliament, they discussed a number of interrogations. This is the biggest victory.

Source and methodology

Sources were parliamentary records, official statements and pamphlets issued by them. The methodology was to collect the interrogations presented in a timeline, then analyze them and compare the number of seats per party to the number of interrogations, then analyze the questions of the interrogations, and then announce the result.

Technologies Used

We used the Infographics, Java Scripts, Timeline, CSS.

Project members

Video: Mahmoud Shehata Infographic: Michael Adel Programming: Mustafa Osman General supervision: Alaa Ghatrifi


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