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A research of the significant plane ticket price increase in Russia for the days of the FIFA World Cup. We found out that football fans who would like to buy plane tickets half a year in advance to the cities of the FIFA World Cup matches in 2018 had to pay 2 to 5 times more than in usual days.

What makes this project innovative?

In Russia, it is not the common practice to use data mining and scraping technologies for the production of the journalistic material, so it is rather innovative.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The first-level carrier, Aeroflot’s director Alexander Saveliev had a conversation with ther president the next day and had to promise that the prices would not go that high. The regulation authority adopted a special law in a month to regulate the prices for the plane tickets for the World Cup cities.

Source and methodology

To monitor prices, the Google Flights service is used. For each city in which matches of the 2018 World Cup (including play-off matches) will take place, the price for a round-trip ticket from each of the ten other cities hosting the championship is taken. The ticket is calculated on the day preceding the match, and the ticket back to the next match after the match (it is assumed that the fan will arrive in the city one day before the game and fly away the next day to the city from where it flew). We believe that the fan will not make more than one transfer, and the total time on the way should not exceed ten hours. The minimum bid for December 20, which was placed in the Google Flights search engine, is taken into account for a ticket that meets the specified conditions.

For some pairs of cities, it was not possible to find tickets that meet the conditions. As a rule, we are talking about cities, for communication between which land transport is more often used, for example, Saransk - Nizhny Novgorod, Saransk - Volgograd, both because of proximity to each other, and because of undeveloped air traffic.

To compare prices, we took tickets for similar three-day trips on the same routes in the same season, but removed from the dates of the 2018 World Cup: within the last week of May - the first week of June or the first week of August. The prices were calculated on different days of the week, in order to avoid the difference in prices due to the rise in price of tickets at the weekend. The comparison was conducted at an average price on all match days against the average minimum price on days removed from the championship days.

Technologies Used

I used script that I wrote in Python, and pandas library for the analysis.


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