Project description

Through official reports and records, Over a year and a half, We have documented how companies owning social networks conspire with the governments of the world and how they receive confidential user data.

Telecommunications companies and social media enable governments to obtain user data, restrict and delete their content, through formal requests, in contravention of Article 17 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and violate their privacy policies.

What makes this project innovative?

We've been able to get corporate transparency reports, cleaned and analyzed through a variety of programs, such as Excel and Google Sheets. We've compiled all international treaties and documents to get to the reality of the social networking Conspiracy with governments to reveal user data.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Expose the international conspiracy to users of social networks, expand user awareness, and develop more stringent privacy policies and transparency.

Source and methodology

Source: Transparency reports from social networks, UN reports, and interviews. The methodology followed the most common international issues for the disclosure of user data, tracking of corporate transparency reports, analysis and the tracking of international laws discussed, to map a clear map of what governments and social networking sites are about confidential user data.

Technologies Used

Html , Html5, Css, Css3, bootstrap, javascript, Photoshop, illustrator, Tableau public, exel, google sheets, After effect

Project members

Drawing: Sahar essa Graphic: Ahmed Yassin Video: Ahmed Abdel Ghani Infographic: Michael Adel Video: Nasim Abdel Fattah Editing: Ahmed Abdel Shafie Programming: Mohamed Ezzat General supervision: Alaa Ghatrifi



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