Project description

This is one of the products of the Numbers in 40 Years series in homage to China’s 40 years of Reform and Opening Up. Yiwu is a typical example of the county economic development of Zhejiang since the Reform and Opening Up. How did a small agricultural county make its way to the World Capital of Small Commodities? In this product, we sorted out series of data on the development of Yiwu, including the number of stalls in small commodity market, annual turnover, etc., and interpreted the road of development of Yiwu from multiple perspectives.

What makes this project innovative?

1.The product pictured a grand scenery of Yiwu with detailed data like urban construction area, GDP of the city, per capita GDP, total fiscal revenue, number of stalls in small commodity city, annual turnover, e-commerce transaction volume, total industrial output value, etc. It tells the story of development in the market and the city of Yiwu. Aided by expression methods like text, images, videos and GIFs, it reflects great achievements of Zhejiang's 40 years of reform and opening up. 2.It takes advantage of new media form and merges the interaction from users. They can experience the speed and passion of Yiwu in the way of converting their number of views into the number of bosses, which is very immersive.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The product analyzed and interpret the data to tell the achievements in Yiwu since the reform and opening-up in Zhejiang in the form of data journalism. Because of authentic data and delicate design, it gained more than 300,000 views in Zhejiang News App.

Source and methodology

1. Show the changes in the city of Yiwu for 40 years by comparing the area of Yiwu built-up area from 1978 to 2017 with the help of the GIF map of Google satellite map; 2. Obtained the data of the city's GDP, per capita GDP, and total fiscal revenue in Yiwu from 1978 to 2017 by multiple channels like Yiwu Municipal Affairs Open Platform, Zhejiang Statistical Information Site, and Department of Yiwu Propaganda. The color block size was designed to highlight the accumulation; 3. Sort out the variation of the number of booths in China Commodity City and the changes in annual turnover from the first generation to the fifth generation to demonstrate the impact of a market on a city and the contribution in different the channels of media public reports; 4. Reflect the development path of a market and a city using data like e-commerce transaction volume and total industrial output value.

Technologies Used

javascript, html, less,excel,svg

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