Project description

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of Reform and Opening Up, we released this work, in which we went through the accomplishment of Zhejiang in sport, combined with charts, on which we further specified and analyzed with clarity and accuracy the data on sports in the entire province and users can view the data in an interactive way. From a specific perspective to the overall perspective, we make sure the viewers understand the importance of being fit in both physical body and inner soul.

What makes this project innovative?

To begin with, this paper highlights the news attribute of data by exploring the data in the perspective of news, promoting the data from the supporting role to the leading role. It transformd the original material into a finished product with greater news value. Secondly, the data is presented interactively. It could adapt to the current mobile and visual communication trends by combining with dynamic graphs, charts and other forms that can be shared, interactive, and experiential features, getting the data in motion.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

As a special report to meet the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up in Zhejiang News App, the product focuses on the great achievements that Zhejiang has made in sports work in the past 40 years. People's physical fitness got improved after the implementation of the national workout movement, which also arouse more sport talents to compete in different games and have achieved fruitful results. At last, it points out the essence of sports: healthy body and happy mind. The work uses multimedia visualization methods like charts, images and other ways to present the story vividly and clearly, adding more fun and visual impact. Refined words, concise design and novel effects brought it 330,000 view. It reached tens of millions after being forwarded by Tencent News, Netease Sports, Oriental Net and other websites.

Source and methodology

It took five weeks to finish the work through planning, interviewing, editing, producing, modifying and publishing. In order to collect relevant data, the reporters repeatedly went to the archives office of Zhejiang Sports Bureau to retrieve files, consult relevant materials, and record data. In the face of massive data, the most needed parts are extracted through scientific calculation methods, and the relevant authoritative experts of the Sports Bureau are asked to repeatedly verify the data. To prevent operational errors, we proofread the data back and forth in the process of editing and production to achieve “one change and one check”. At the same time, we communicated with designers to find best forms to present the story, giving the readers the most intuitive visual experience.

Technologies Used

javascript, html, less,excel

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