Project description

Non-League Day is when fans are encouraged to go watch a local non-league football team when the top two divisions of English football take a break for international fixtures.
But where to go?
Supporters of the country’s biggest clubs aren’t particularly well versed in what non-league games are on and where they are.
To help them find their nearest matches and support their local team the Trinity Mirror Data Unit worked in partnership with Groundhopper to produce a gadget which would help them find their nearest games.
Readers simply typed their postcode into the gadget, which was embedded in a variety of Trinity Mirror sites, and it would use an API to interact with Groundhopper’s data to find games within a radius specified by the reader.

What makes this project innovative?

Easy access to previously inaccessible data. The use of APIs and a postcode search.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The gadget was used almost 30,000 times. We have no way of knowing if those readers eventually went to a game to support a non-league side, but even if a small fraction of them did it means we helped support non-league football.
It helped to bring attention to what is sadly on over-looked area of football and an important part of local communities.

Source and methodology

The data was provided by a third party, Groundhopper.

Technologies Used

Java script, html, sql

Project members

Kelly Leung
Carlos Novoa


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