Project description

When I was working on the project several cases had popped concerning the national hospital.The nurse had gone on strike, medics had to grapple with a huge number of patients the public and private facilities have been strained resulting in loss of lives especially women and children. Bernardine Mutanu wrote the story and the data was compilled by Timothy Odinga. The infographic was published in The business Daily with the target audience being the working class who are the primary readers of this publication. My presentation style focused on using colour as a tool to draw in the reader and facilitate legability with figures used to highlight the major challenges that were highlighted in the story.

What makes this project innovative?

This project was not unique/innovative in anyway infact the focus was to take everything to the basics.My primary objective was a clean, simple and informative design that an individual can go through and get informed in less than 5 minutes.Basically clean, easy, quick and informative read .

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The idea was give the public an idea on what is happening in the the local health care system, 20,000 thousand copies are sold per day, that is an average of 20,000 working class Kenyans were exposed to the information and I do believe the presentation stimulated curiosity

Source and methodology

The data sources were economic survey 2017 and institution of economic affairs, I had a data scientist compile the data for the publication giving me time and space to focus on conceptualization and presentation.

Technologies Used

Primarily Adobe Illustrator and indesign were used. An image of a thinking doctor I thought would be ideal this was meant to give an impression that the data presented was what was going through his mind. Colour was primarily used to lure the reader into the graphics and make it easier to navigate .

Project members

Timothy Odinga - Data scientist
Bernardine Mutanu - Journalist


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