Project description

This scroll-animated globe is meant for all devices and a very wide audience of Dutch newspaper readers. It amalgamates more than a dozen of open data sets and reports from organizations such as World Bank, FAO and the United Nations. It shows the challenge we will face to feed 10 billion people in 2050 and the contributing factors, such as population growth, urbanization, increasing wealth and climate change. This scroll story provides the background information for a 1-year project in which the newspaper will investigate this challenge and its solutions from many different angles.

What makes this project innovative?

It brings a large variety of datasets together in one coherent story, that is accessible by a large audience on many different devices. We used the recently released scrollama library to build it.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

We typically measure impact by the number of page views and time spent on the page. Within 2 days after its release the visualization already attracted nearly 20.000 unique page views and it continues to accrue more, as it is used as background to multiple other stories published on this theme. It has also sparked discussions on social media about the directions one could take to address this worldwide food challenge.

Source and methodology

I used open datasets from Worldbank, United Nations, FAO and Global Hunger Index. I visualized the data and studied numerous related reports to identify the most important stories and aspects of the data and I then brought everything together in this visualization made with scrollama and d3.js.

Technologies Used

Excel, Illustrator, D3.js, scrollama, pen and paper

Project members

I made this visualization alone


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