Project description

Chunav 360 , a platform which provide users reliable and well-structured information network which will help audience to take an informed decision during Elections 2018/19.
In today’s information overload, users are in constant search for a trusted and analytically accurate information source, which can satiate their growing desire for information.
Therefore, to answer user’s queries related to Election (2018/19), came up with Chunav 360, an interactive platform which aims at empowering people with relevant information pertaining to India electoral history since 1952 till 2014.

What makes this project innovative?

Chunav 360, a content hub in which more than 100k stories were created through data coding. User can moderate this data themselves and can get information from different angles . Profiles of parliamentarians (as per 2014) • Candidate’s date of birth, gender, position in the party or elsewhere, notable works, awards and family details • Details like winning candidates’ educational background, property details, cases in which cognizance taken, profession, spouse profession etc. Profile of Parties • This section provides – concise and compact description of each of the 20 major political parties of the country. • Presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with official websites and emails. Election Dates • Information regarding election schedule – dates and 7 phases No. of seats in each state Profile of States • Information related to each state – its history, date of existence, along with the information like number of districts and major cities • Geographical details of the states like neighboring states, historical places and a landmark representative picture Manifesto • This feature enable users to create their own manifesto. • Users are provided with top 12 issues, user can select each issue in order of 1-12 (1 being highest in priority)

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Chunav 360 received great response from audience : 47,126 Users on Chunav 360 page 78,505 pageviews on Chunav 360 page Result on 2.88 milion user traffic on during Nov-Dec 2018 9.69M the engagement (page views) on

Source and methodology

To get the access of authenticated electoral data of Indian political history of each constituency starting from 1952 to 2018 (from first election till the latest) and make it available to users in a structured way, took help of data from Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), Election Commission of India and its own Archive. These agencies provided the data in the hard copy format, which was converted and structured with 25 details, like: Top 3 contenders of each elections - Winners, first and second runner ups Votes polled and percentage during all 16 parliamentary election Voting information (% of males/female, reserved or general) Details of a political party including its foundation, number of MPs to its kitty, ruled states, top leaders, their historical moments, symbol of the parties Political and electoral description of each of the states with details like- assembly constituencies and parliamentary constituencies With this, information of more than 27,000 legislative assembly seats and more than 6,000 candidates kept in front of the readers.

Technologies Used

Basic developer and analysis tools like Java, Excel etc. were used in the development of Chunav 360 page.

Project members

Rajesh Upadhyay Tarun Aggarwal


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