Project description

My project discussed Modi government’s failure in maintaining FRBM Act and several other budgeting discrepancies of India’s Finance Ministry. The reports of Comptroller and Auditor General of India on Finance Ministry’s budgeting were not analysed anywhere in public domain yet, so I opted to extensively analyse the data sets which might prove to be an important and revealing addition on current discourse in Indian or international mainstream.

It covered following broads subjects:

1. Lack of transparency in Direct tax receipt figures presented by Modi Government

2. Variation in expenditure on grants for creation of capital assets and in the amount of liabilities

3. Incorrect information of coal levy in arrears

4. Inconsistency in figures of loans to Foreign Governments

5. Non-Submission of disclosure statements as required under the FRBM Act

What makes this project innovative?

1. This project has been the forst one to deepky assess India's Finance Accounts for the first time since the implementation of the mentioned act. 2. It suggests the only methodologies which can be adopted parallely for the review of government's budget data.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

As Business Standard released a confidential data on unemployment or job crisis, there was huge debate across Indian media and political periphery on Modi Government's performance. Just afterwards, Modi Government released interim budget which again became the centre of wide discourse. But there was no study on Modi Government's budgeting in any fashion similar to investigation into other sectors like agriculture or industry.

My investigation into Modi Government's budgeting by analysing India's Comptroller General (CAG) data highlighted severe discrepancies. The data analysis supported the mismatch of monetary figures recorded by various agencies, as reported. This was well received by media agencies and political leaders as the report was directly and indirectly cited in mainstream socioeconomic national discourses.

Source and methodology

1. I retrieved data sets from Comptroller and Auditor General of India and Statistical Commission. 2. Using standard parameters and mathematical formalism as suggested by legalised act, I computed the errors in accordance with CAG report. This outlined the severe flaws and malfunction of India's budgetry. 3. Asia Times has been a constant support for this project which guided me to give it a journalistic lookout and publish.

Technologies Used

1. Origin 2. Cluster Computing 3. Fortran Programming

Project members

Ujjawal Krishnam



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