Project description

It’s one of the hottest topics of debate whenever football fans meet in Manchester – where do followers of City and United really come from?

In the run-up to the Manchester derby, we wanted Man United and Man City fans to tell us which area of the region they live in, so that we could map the parts of Greater Manchester that can be claimed for each side.

We created a gadget where readers entered their postcode and said whether they were United (Red) or City (Blue). that was then mapped out for them and eventually gave us a visualisation of how the region’s loaylties were split.

What makes this project innovative?

the map automatically updated as readers entered their results, showing us in real time what the results were. It also followed up a previous study by the MEN so showed us how regions of the city had changed over time.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The gadget proved really popular with fans and received a lot of votes. It was also reported no by hold The Front Page

Source and methodology

The interactive asked readers for their post code and football allegiance.

Technologies Used


Project members

David Dubas-Fisher Carlos Novoa Kelly Leung



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