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The Amendment Taiwan’s Agricultural Development Act was enacted in year 2000. At the time Taiwan government aims to face the impact of joining WTO by reforming rural village through deregulate farmland-trading and farmhouse-construction. Now 17-year has passed, our rural village did not become more wealthy and beautiful, and our farmland are now occupied by factory and stunning farmhouse. Our special report tries to answer two questions. First , how many farmhouse are actually occupying our farmland? Second, how is so and what pushes farmers to sell their land?This report aims to readers who really care our agriculture environment and willing to protect farmlands. We can never solve the misuse and ill-use of farmhouse unless we face the crisis of agriculture.

What makes this project innovative?

The information of construction and trading of farmhouse are relatively opaque, kind in a balck box, and most reports only provide speculate statistics or information form individual unit, our project here offers accurate information.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The management of farmhouse are separated to agriculture and construction authorities, and the collected data from central and local government are mismatched. This special report offers exclusive official information collected from government internal source, and most relative information are now disclosed by us now.

Source and methodology

This project combines the statistics data of actual price registration of real estate from Ministry of the Interior, farmland resource inventory from Council of Agriculture, and exclusive information from Yi-Lan government. This project provides not only those data mentioned above but also uses GIS technology to reveal the distribution of farmhouse construction and trading.

Technologies Used

The data of sold farmhouses were processed with R and Python. The addresses were convert to GPS coordinates with Google GeoJSON API.The web page is written in Vue.js and use javascript to build HTML5 video, image gallery, image comparison and make some scroll (navigation and full-page slide) effect. Then use Google Map Javascript API to draw canvas & heat map from geoJSON and TopoJSON data.

Project members

Producer: Chien Hsin-chanPhotographer: Chang Liang-I, Jhong Sheng-Syong, Lin Chun-YaoDesign: Hsu Ling-Wei, Kuan Yi-ShiuanWeb developing: Kuan Yi-Shiuan, Chiang Kai-Chih, Tan Hsueh-YungData: Jhong Sheng-Syong, Chien Hsin-chan, Hsu I-Chiao


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