Project description

I am part of the Forbes Investor Team, which is comprised of thought leaders in the areas of money, investing and markets. We all contribute to the Intelligent Investing pages. This section is dedicated to the insights and ideas of the Forbes Investor Team. My specific goal for my individual pieces is to equip readers with the data and analysis they need to make informed decisions about the future of the financial markets and investing. I present the data with my interpretation and commentary from both a micro and macro perspective. I have been a member of the team since 2010.

What makes this project innovative?

I predominantly use financial market data, charts, algorithms, statistics – and even Google Trends - to identify patterns and trends within the global financial markets. I use these to provide analysis, interpretation and predictions with regards to key areas within the financial sphere. I cover topics such as cryptocurrencies, individual stocks, commodities, international indices, global stock exchanges and monetary policy. I deliver a commentary of my market-related insights and thoughts based on my analysis. The aim is to provide my predictions and to inform a private (retail) investor audience so that they can make their own investing and trading decisions.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Here are some metrics for the last month for my Forbes Intelligent Investing columns. Metric Count Total Daily Visitors 45,339 One-time Visitors 43,135 MB 29,361 SC 5,231 Repeat Visitors 2,204 Facebook Shares 383 Twitter Shares 226 LinkedIn Shares 28 Additionally, many of my forecasts and comments – particularly on cryptocurrency - are then picked up by other media and used in subsequent articles.

Source and methodology

I am CEO of ADVFN, a global stocks, shares and crypto information website, which provides market-leading financial tools and data to private investors around the world. Real-time data is taken directly from global exchanges onto the site. I use - amongst other things - charting, financials (to get valuation metrics) and Level 2 data for my articles - I also us Google Trends to look for macro correlations.

Technologies Used

The real-time HTML and Java charts on ADVFN can be completely customised. I use overlays for comparisons and often include different studies such as a Simple Moving Average.

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Jon Mullins


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