Project description

Thanks of big data, today there is a greater volume of information available that can and should be used by journalists to reinterpret everyday reality. With this premise born Infodatos, a product that uses data journalism to tell stories as a differentiating format for the printed newspaper every Sunday. The backbone of the product is a great infographic that summarizes in graphics, maps, bars and other design resources the main data of the subject addressed (such as politics, health, education, tourism, sports, ecology, technology, etc) and incorporates voices and testimonies to riched the story.

What makes this project innovative?

- Create a differentiating product for the printed newspaper - Incorporate new trends in journalism - Innovate in the use of graphic resources - To take big data as a journalistic input - Working journalistic products in team format - Install Los Andes as an innovative means, including its traditional platform (daily printed)

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Infodatos began to be published during 2018. In that time we learned what kind of stories is most likely to be told in this format and which do not. We also learned how to open databases, analyze them, reuse them and transform them in stories with interest for our audience. In addition, we learned to build our own databases. In this first year we have published 44 Infodatos reports, of which 5 were news main lid. Together they have also generated more than 310 thousand of views in the on line edition of Los Andes. Infodatos was also shown in talks and congresses, such as Justicia Abierta, Argentina Abierta and a journey of digital journalism at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo. Also the concept Infodatos get to the podcast format, making it the first podcast of data journalism of our country. • Number of page views generated to the newspaper: 310,756 • Number of unique page views: 139,848 • Number of posts or articles uploaded and evaluated: 172

Source and methodology

Big data

Technologies Used

Big data

Project members

Raúl Pedone, Gastón Bustelo,



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