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These are a sample showing some of the work I have completed last year. I work on my own and collaboratively with teams. I work with a variety of organisations and the scope of my work means that working closely with scientists and statisticians is a daily occurrence. Taking both small and large datasets and producing visualisations that encompass that data and get the point across. 1: Darknet Marketplaces: This was produced in collaboration with EMCDDA (European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction) and Europol. The graphic shows the lifelines of 100 Darkent markets offering drugs, showing when they started and how and when they were closed down2: Anthropocene Magazine and website: The Great Decoupling – Showing the relationship between energy use, economic growth and carbon emissions and how the historical coupling between these aspects is now beginning to come apart.3: Global Carbon Budget: Produced for Oslo Climate Conference to show how we are doing this year with global carbon emissions.

What makes this project innovative?

1: Darknet Timeline - This was a chance to portray the information available about the Darknet markets to a wider audience to enable understanding of when they started and when they were stopped and by which means they were closed down - aimed primarily at policymakers in government but also available to the general public2: The Great Decoupling - We tried here, to explain the decoupling of carbon emissions and GDP growth in 4 simple explanatory graphics, using minimal text and explanation in words.3: Global Carbon Budget - This project built on previous graphics and handouts produced in 2015 and 2016 that ran along the same lines and graphic styles. Allowing the delegates of the conferences in Paris, Marrakesh and Oslo to understand the data more easily and to take onboard the differences from previous years.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

Impact from these examples are difficult to quantify. The only measure we have are the positive comments and feedback from the experts and readers of each piece along with re-use and social sharing.

Source and methodology

Al of these projects involved in-depth communications between the data scientists, experts, statisticians and myself. Skype, email and meetings took place to discuss the data, the reasons and the particular audiences for each project. Sketches and discussions followed along with many examples and revisions. All data supplied was verified and checked by the experts and questioned by myself.

Technologies Used

All graphics were produced in Adobe Illustrator. Excel, Numbers, datawrapper and Flourish were also used in data preperation.

Project members

All projects were completed by different teams.


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