Project description

In the following visualization we show how many immigrants Barcelona receives,
which is 6% of the total population of the city. We analyze which countries come from, Spain occupies the first place of immigrants in Barcelona with 36%, with 30 points of advantage over the second place that is Italy that has 6%. By continents, Europe is the number one continent of immigrants in Barcelona with 58% coming from 44 countries, the second place is America with 26% from 29 countries, Asia with 12% from 39 countries and a curious case is Africa They come from 43 countries but occupy
only 3.4% of the total immigrants to the city. Finally we have the case of Oceania that has 0.1% that come from only 3 countries.
The data origins from the difference between the registers (because of birth, immigration or omission) and the quitting (because of decease, emigration, undue inclusion or duplicity) accounted for in the population register of the city of Barcelona in 2017.

What makes this project innovative?

The most innovative thing of this visualization is the visual attractive, how can I show 11,000 numbers in a first glance?, I\’m show in four cathegories the information, ordening each of this in a chart.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

The impact of this data visualization was through social networks, since it was a job for an international contest, with an analysis of 11 thousand data, through this visualization of data we could see the amount of immigrants that it receives, by country in each neighborhood. Te impact was measured by the reactions in the different social networks.

Source and methodology

I participed in ”World Dataviz Challenge 2018- International Workshop on Data Visualization”, I downloaded the data set from . I selected the data set and started with the data analysis, analyzing 11,000 numbers, classificared, cleaning and and transformed in this layout.

Technologies Used

I describe my work like craftsmanship of the data. I used softwares for the numbers Excel, for the analysis, using the tools that provide this software for cleaning the information, classificating in cathegories and for the layout I worked with adobe indesign, illustrator and for the final details adobe photoshop.

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