Project description

A group of 12 boys from a local soccer team, and their coach, went missing in a cave complex in northern Thailand. The entire world waited anxiously to hear how the seemingly impossible rescue would develop. The SCMP graphics team covered the events live as the rescue team started to try to save the children. Our infographic explained to readers all the facts and possibilities of the rescue and was published online as the events took place.

What makes this project innovative?

The project is presented as a long "stand alone", including maps, precise illustrations, diagrams, charts, etc, created at neck-breaking speed by a team of four designers updating events as they occurred, almost like an illustrated live blog. This is not a common way for large newspapers to work.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

This article was the best-read piece in the South China Morning Post for several days receiving about 200,000 unique visitors while the rescue unfolded.

Source and methodology

Our department followed early events live to make a first version which explained what options were available to the rescue team and why the rescue was a race against time. As the rescue got underway we started a second version explain what was happening live. The work was divided between four people, each researching and collecting data. In order to be more flexible, the work and files were shared through Adobe CC, substantially accelerating the process. The sources used for the facts of the rescue came from news agency wire reports. For technical aspects, terrain maps, weather reports and other explanations, sources were various rescue groups and associations specialising in speleology, and university studies.

Technologies Used

Software: Adobe Creative cloud: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects Brackets IO QGIS Programming languages: Javascript JQuery HTML CSS

Project members

Adolfo Arranz Marco Hernandez Marcelo Duhalde Pablo Robles Darren Long



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