Project description

Shortly after the Las Vegas shooting happened, we found recordings of Las Vegas police radio radio. Our goal was to use those records to give readers a first-hand look into the confusion and hysteria surrounding the police’s desperate search to find the killer.

By producing the project within a couple days of the tragedy, we aimed to help readers understand what processes and strategies the police used to track him down, and also give a deeper understanding of what happened during the event.

What makes this project innovative?

Using audio as the main driver of the narrative was a unique approach to covering this disaster. By weaving the police audio recordings together with graphics into a mobile-first multimedia piece, we aimed to create a powerful experience of what it was like for law enforcement to react in such a chaotic situation.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

By publishing within a few days of the event, readers found they better understood the chaos and confusion of the situation. Engagement was high and comments indicated it was a powerful experience that gave deeper insight into the tragedy.

Source and methodology

We used archived Las Vegas police scanner recordings from Broadcastify, plus WSJ reporting.

Technologies Used

The technology is based on html audio dom element and jquery. The audio is controlled with timing in the file, so when the specific text shows up on the screen, a certain portion of audio is played by defining the timing in the file. The images are loaded at the beginning and the z-index is changed when the specific text shows up on the screen.

Project members

Taylor Umlauf, Visual Editor
Youjin Shin, Developer/Designer
Parker Eshelman, Photo Editor
Joel Eastwood, Graphics Editor
Elliot Bentley, Deputy Graphics Director
Renée Rigdon, Graphics Editor
Merrill Sherman, Graphics Editor


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