Project description

This special multimedia feature is part of a series about Beijing’s controversial “Made in China 2025” programme which so irked US President Trump. “How China aims to dominate the world of robotics” looks at the production of industrial robots, an area identified by the Chinese government as crucial to China becoming a world leader in technology

What makes this project innovative?

With the help of 3D animated models and interactive graphics the story shows the type of robots being developed and looks at the robotics industry around the world. We show the specific tasks robots are able to provide, debunking the common misconception that robots are already autonomous androids. We also include sensitive topics such as robots replacing the human workforce. We explain how a robotic arm is programmed to follow instructions using a simple game for readers to experience just how complex it is to assign the simplest of repetitive tasks

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

This article got good page view numbers and other metric statistics (above SCMP’s average site performance), but perhaps it is more important to highlight that readers have sent us their positive feedback by email and social media for both online and print versions of this project

Source and methodology

This project has diverse sources of data including The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) to get the robot density per country, historical background and the standard industrial robots classification, the National Bureau of Statistics of China and the Chinese Robot Industry Alliance (CRIA) to get statistics on China specifically, the Robotic Industries Association RIA (North America), Center for Occupational Robotics Research, and some articles for reference and context in the story from Reuters The graphics and assets were created with Adobe Illustrator and the 3D animations for context with Cinema 4D

Technologies Used

Software: Adobe Creative cloud: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects Brackets IO Cinema 4D Programming languages: Javascript JQuery HTML CSS

Project members

Marco Hernandez and Darren Long



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