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This project illustrates how is with commuting data. From three main dimensions, city trip radius, commuting time& distance and city function region area, we helped people compare different cities’ realistic sizes. In the interaction part, readers can choose any two cities for comparison. It shows the difference between their function area sizes, how their commuting time& distances will change. And how the daily trip radius will change.

What makes this project innovative?

This project talks about a daily topic in a special way. “How big is your city?” Normally, people living in Beijing always complain that the city is so big that people have to spent hours on commuting. We got the inspiration to discuss the city size in a way different from the traditional administrative area size, but from commuting data. It is much easier for readers to perceive the cold topic with living data. Even though we didn’t use administrative district size, we use city trip radius and city function area size to illustrate the “size”. This trip radius calculate the rough scope people move most frequently, and the city function area defines the area where people work, live, and entertain, which is the area people really use in daily life. It’s much more realistic than the administrative area data.

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

It is widely spread since it was published. After three days after publishing, the page view exceeded 400 thousand. The responses from both the official media and the social network are quite overwhelming. Because we published the project right after the Spring Festival, when people always start thinking about a new start, many of them use the last interaction part to compare cities’ average commuting data and function area size. With the screenshot of the result, readers discuss the potential future.

Source and methodology

City Trip Radius “R” calculates the radius where more than 90% car rides are included. More than 90% ride sharing of the distance between origins or destinations and city center is in R km.Commuting time/distance is calculated from ride sharing data from Didi Chuxing during rush hours in weekdays. In detail the OD routes are between apartments and commercial premises. Professor Long Ying from the Architecture School of Tsinghua University did a research on city function area around the country with data from Didi Chuxing. The data collection is according to the same standardization, so we are able to make use of both of them to tell the story.

Technologies Used

Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Javascript(D3.js).

Project members

Meng Wei, Haiyan Du, Fenhai Hu, Chen Huang


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