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With the intention of approaching how the people who suffer the exodus live in an almost always hostile destination, ‘Zainab Story’ is born, a project developed by a working group of Media Lab Prado on the occasion of Visualizar 2017, an international program for the visualization of data that this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. The project focuses on portraying in this comic the story of a Syrian girl and her family who, like another 11 million people, have been forced to leave home since the war began in 2011. The illustrations are accompanied by maps and data that contextualize a tragically assumed reality.The story takes place in 7 chapters, we attach in each chapter the references of all data. In the last chapter we made a summary of his whole journey, explaining the bureaucracy to ask for asylum and highlighting the non-place of Greece for many Syrian families.Multi platformThe story we wanted to tell led us to conclude that we made the data in digital format and also in printed format.We attach links to the paper format.

What makes this project innovative?

Zainab: A fictional character based on true storiesReal data and stories lie behind Zainab’s trip and challenges. A CSV file compiled by PorCausa, an organisation that aims to ensure accurate information on migration, showcased the number of people in Greek refugee camps as one starting point.From this CSV data Morales and his team put themselves in Zainab’s shoes to work on the skeleton of her past. They travelled from Syria to Greece, imagining its upsides and downsides.Once they gathered enough data, some questions continued to recur: What should we ask of the data? What is this data telling us? And what is actually not telling?“An emphasis on qualitative and quantitative data runs across the whole project.”Several times throughout the process the team reflected on what the data was showing, and the importance of having qualitative data. There were questions about how to deal with topics where data is estimated, such as deaths or missing people, when there were no bodies to count. “How should we report the absence?” asks Morales.At the end, the team merged several stories into one. The story from Zainab is real, but the team also wanted to raise a hypothetical case about what would happen to children that were under-age when leaving their country, but approaching adulthood in Greece or Germany. What happens with the family regrouping in this case?

What was the impact of your project? How did you measure it?

A worked very well on social networks. I am attaching the link of a twitter report about impressions in only one week of the project 62,000 visions. Spanish Television website recommended the project as one of the most important in 2018. have also made different articles about the project, one of the last ones has done it Paul Bradshaw

Source and methodology

IMG Link8Process of the creation of history· Identification of the story.· Collection of sources and data, but what do we ask the data?· MENA, Spain, Idomeni, relocation, EU ...?· Construction of the story.... More data.· Reconstruction of history..… More data.· Data analysis, what do we want to tell?· At last we focus ... and visualize.-------------In each chapter in the part of the data is the link with all the references of data that we use. About 60 different sources. if necessary I pass all the links

Technologies Used

We did the project for 2 weeks, we did not have time to introduce any interactive element, we used a graphic tablet and photoshop to retouch the drawings for the illustrations of the comic. For the infographics we use the Adobe Illustrator, in JPG format. For the web we use a JS for the effect of the passage of each chapter.

Project members

Infographics: Ferran Morales @ferranmoralesIllustrations: Victor VallesMentory: Ignasi Alcalde @ignasialcaldeWeb: Sergio Galán @sergioeclecticoData analysts: Amanda Figueras @Lamandafi Aránzazu Cruz @arancruzmar Camino Prieto Mamen Peñaranda @MamenPenaranda María Luisa Ocaña @SpaceDog_1


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